Do you ever head straight for your computer after arising?

Answer First, start the coffee. Second, morning constitutional. Third, computer. The computer is up and running 24/7, I do get up every night for meds and sometimes I never make it back to bed. Yahoo make... Read More »

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How to Change the Head Gasket on a 4.9 Straight Six?

The Ford 4.9-liter, 300 cubic-inch straight-six engine was based on the 240 cubic-inch six-cylinder and was the largest straight-six produced by Ford. The usual reasons for replacing a head gasket ... Read More »

How to Shave Your Head With a Straight Razor?

Straight razors were once the primary way for men and women to shave. Today, there are far more options on the market, but some still use a straight razor in order to get an old fashioned, close sh... Read More »

I've had a headache for 3 days straight. The pain is in the right side of my head. Is this serious?

Try this: Get you some Tylenol Sinus (Non Drowsy).I could get nothing to stop my headache...A nurse told me the same thing that she had & I gave it a try.Take 2 every 4 hours are what box states.Gi... Read More »

How can you get your hair straight ( For boys). Also, does head and shoulders work If not, which ones?

you'd have to use a hair straightener/hair iron if u like longer hair and your hair is curly/too wavy for your liking and head and shoulders works well for dandruff that's not too severe