Do you ever have those days where you're just totally bummed about things?

Answer Yes I do...I have had one on Sunday and as well as Monday already. I always look foward to a new day. things usually seem to work out. I think they will. Also maybe someone will get you something t... Read More »

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Do you ever think about having another baby just to do things "the right way"?

-find affordable (good!) health insurance to be able to stay at home.-breastfeed and not stopThose are 2 "musts" that circle in my head about having another and what I will do different.Hubby would... Read More »

Ever have one of those night when everything and anythings is just really funny?

no, brenda can't say i've had one of those in a long time, my nights are long and quite tearful and sad!xx'slaughter & tears.........ah, life!

You had sex about 5 days ago and you are afraid you might have gotten pregnant your period just came but it is 4 days early and is much heavier than usual Is this a sign?

you are 99.9% likely to NOT be pregnant. Use contraception so you don't worry.

Do you ever have one of those days nothing is going wrong but its not going right either?

Yes i do.i call such days " yahoo days ", when i decide NOT to go out as a normal human at the weekend and site all the day long asking and answering question.