Do you ever google yourself or friends?

Answer There's a crappy youtube video of a girl with my name that's had all of... 9 views, where she says nothing, does nothing, and basically just has her brother or someone trying to pick her nose occas... Read More »

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Do you ever Google yourself?

Yes i googled myself - i know sad isn't it!!But the results were of a woman who had killed her 2 children.(obviously my name isn't Nelly Nelly Nelly)

Did you ever "Google" yourself?

I automatically Google myself and my work once a week, just to see if new things come up.You have to understand that Google is just a search engine. It doesn't produce content, it just links to it.... Read More »

Have you ever google searched your own name and found yourself on the net?

Apparently I am Breast stroke swimmer of the year 2006!!!LOL X

How to Be Yourself Around New Friends?

Thinking you have to act "cool" or in any way different around new friends, affects many people. We all know the saying "Just be yourself" but sometimes that is easier said than done! Hopefully thi... Read More »