Do you ever get to the store... only to realize you have forgotten your list?

Answer Oh yes! Then I do aisle by aisle....

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Have you ever forgotten your E mail address?

No! I even know my National Insurance number and my mobile phone number, how sad is that?

Have you ever been to your perfect restaurant, or does it only exist in your head?

Let me see, I'm going to answer this according to the number of questions you have here, so please forgive my formatted answer:1. Yes, I have been to my perfect Restaurant long ago in Jupiter, Flo... Read More »

If you were forced to pick only 1 store to shop at for the rest of your life, what store would you choose?

hot topic most def.they've got all you need ever

Have you ever rushed home from the store and brushed your teeth cause you got a new toothbrush?

wonders what you would do if i sent you a new vibrator lol