Do you ever get that sick feeling that something bad is going to happen?

Answer Once in a while, then it goes away, after I talk to someone...who could that be?

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If two weeks after sex you are feeling sick after eating and you cannot smoke because it makes you sick could you be pregnant?

If you did not use birth control you may be pregnant, if you have also missed your period. However nausea is a symptom of so many things that on its own it does not necessarily mean you are pregnan... Read More »

What if both of them is feeling sick?

Cut and feeling sick?

it's infected, that's why it's giving you a fever. the brown/ yellow is probably puss.

Feeling Sick! Too much coffee?

Consuming that much caffeine in a short period - especially if you don't eat a filling meal as well - can definitely cause discomfort. It is unlikely that it caused you to vomit and feel sick, that... Read More »