Do you ever get pain in your ear?

Answer it could be a ear ache, ear infection, or just very bad allergies/sinuses.

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Have your adoptive parents ever acknowledged your first mom's pain?

I'm also a first mother and I've been reunited with my son for over 18 years. Never have his parents acknowledged my pain - in fact they're very uncomfortable with talking about feelings around ado... Read More »

If you have had constant severe pain in your lumbar region ever since lifting a refrigerator but your Xrays look fine what could be wrong?

Answer perhaps it is muscle spasms.I hurt my back 2 or 3 years ago lifting something - and it wasn't even anything heavy; I must have twisted wrong when I bent over.It hurt so bad I couldn't even s... Read More »

Im 38 weeks pregnant with your 3rd child you were dilated to 2cm last Thursday And for the past 2 days you have been having the worst pain in your sorry for the detail vagina Like PAIN not pressure?

Your due any moment really, I would call my doctor and ask them about the pain. I had pain on my cervix when I was pregnant. That was because my child was breech.

How best can you describe labor pain Was it the worst pain in your life If not, what was?

it's going to friggin hurt like hell to start, but honest to god after it is over it's not so much of a big deal, you'll be advising other women on how to stay calm and try and 'enjoy' the experien... Read More »