Do you ever fart in public?

Answer Robert Burns (Scottish poet) once wrote "Where ere you be let your wind blow free" But as the majority of Scots wore kilts (and still do) it probably was easier to 'let one rip' at the time!However... Read More »

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How to Fart in Public With out People Hearing You?

Ever felt the need to fart but you just can't do it because people are around? Well, here's how.

Ever done Public Masturbation?

my little sister did in class every day in school during class she did a leg cross thigh squeeze in class every time she wore a skirt. once her legs crossed a thigh squeeze and bouncing top ... Read More »

Why do people like to smell their own fart but get grossed out when smelling other people fart?

First off, who wipes their boogers on the covers>? That's really kinda gross. Anywho, it's true that most people don't mind the smell of their own farts or poos. But I'm not completely sure as t... Read More »

Have you ever fainted in public before?

Yes, I was walking along the edge of the crowded platform of a London Underground station and knew the train was coming, but didn't know how close it was. It grazed my arm so hard and fast I was wo... Read More »