Do bay and Daphne in switched at birth ever become close?

Answer They usually talk to each other about their problems. so i'd say they are already becoming close

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Does Reid ever get close to dying in Criminal Minds?

Yes in season 2 episode 16 "Revelations", and in season 4 episode 24 "Amplification"

Have you ever puposely bought a house close to railroad tracks?

I've always lived within earshot to the tracks. The home I own now is right next to the UP main on the I-5 corridor.But, I didn't buy the house for its proximity to the tracks. I bought it becaus... Read More »

Why is it that restrooms are build so close to the kitchen or bedrooms.. No privacy what so ever.?

I think it's to save money on the plumbing.But I remember once having an argument with a Vietnamese women in Vietnam. I told her she was wrong because they would poop on the edges of the rice padd... Read More »

How do you close a wiki site (like just close it so people can't edit it, get rid of it w/e)?

Okay, El, relax. This is a common problem, and there's a way out. What you should do is (a) steal the OC's back from those two people, (b) put a word of your own in front of the names, (c) add your... Read More »