Do you ever buy on eBay?

Answer I bought a palm pilot back in the day and just bought a dual dvi cable for my monitor, I also sold my soul for a dollar starting reserve price. My friend dared me cause my name is Bart and we were ... Read More »

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Ever been ripped off on ebay?

someone bought an x box and got a cardboard box with an x written on it.

Have you ever bought a laptop from ebay?

No, but I might if I knew the model and it was new and at a good price.I'd also only buy from a seller with 50 or more good feedback at a 100% that has sold expensive stuff before.

Has anyone ever got ripped off purchasing through ebay?

yes.. many people do.. My advice is only buy form sellers within the USA and Western Europe. Many fakes are sold there from China that look sooo real and Ebay should ban them why they have not I do... Read More »

You ever buy something off of Ebay and then see it in the store for the same price or less?

This story isn't one in which I thought I got a great deal, but one I regretted. About 8 years ago, I bought a collectible, which at the time I thought I wanted badly. I was always more of a sell... Read More »