Do you ever ask random questions in random categories?

Answer Dr. - you have to go to my 360 and watch the 30 second Bunny version of broke back mountain…

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What is that show where people get random funny questions and have to ask random people walking the streets the questions?

Various, Random, FUN, Name Questions! :)?

1. Isabelle Maria, Ian Bennett and Jude Nathaniel2. a) Landon Hunter and Layton Emeryb) Onyx January and Teal November3. Daughter-- Taylor LaneDaughter-- Lucy TeaganSon-- Alexander JamesDaughter-- ... Read More »

Can you answer these SIX random/fun name questions?

Hello there Silver :) Nice question :)Uno - Well there are a few but im not going to say I dont like them all because even though I associate them with snobby people doesn't mean they aren't beauti... Read More »

Do people ask random questions on Yahoo! answers?

This all depends on what you mean by "random". If you mean random in time, place, orientation etc, then I would opine that people do not ask truly "random" questions, but that there is some correl... Read More »