Do you ever ask for only water, just to be cheap?

Answer No, but sometimes water is all i want♥ I don't drink♥

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Girls only plz!! i think i just had my first ever period. ?

That's your first period! It was the same for me but it's fine and normal it will be like that for a little longer untill it gets to its normal color

Ive just bought a digital camera, a cheap one admittedly, but its going through batteries like water!?

TAKE IT BACK! 10 photos with 3 sets of batteries? Something's BAD wrong with that camera.I have a battery HOG, and I can take about 50 photos on a set of rechargeable batteries.I have a better Ni... Read More »

39 wks pregnant only 1 cm dilated could my water have just broken?

Of course they have I can see them from here. (heavy irony there)Contact your healthcare provider, go to the hospital or whatever you are doing, Don't sit down at the computer and ask people who ca... Read More »

Just left my butter beans overnight in water but dont want to eat them yet should I just leave them in water?

Go ahead and cook them, drain them, and store that in the fridge. Otherwise if you left them in the water you have to guess how long they need to cook and they'll take up a lot more room in the fr... Read More »