Do you enjoy taking photographs of what?

Answer Yes. I enjoy taking photographs! I take pictures every day of people, flowers, birds, cats, trees, landscape, buildings....anything that catches my eye. Later if I find a particularly beautiful sho... Read More »

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How often should you over expose when taking photographs?

The question is probably more correctly asked as Why or when would you overexpose. It's not a time-based or frequency thing like changing your engine oil.The following is given with the understandi... Read More »

Why do some people dislike taking photographs?

to be honest i personally think some people dont like taking pictures because they dont want to look bed in it and or be made fun of or laugh at. some people hate pictures of them selves even if th... Read More »

What do you call an instrument used for taking still photographs?

Do you enjoy taking or making telephone calls?

Yes, I appreciate having a phone in the house, and now we have the mobile, I remember when you had to walk miles in the pouring rain to find a coin operated phone box then nine out of ten times it ... Read More »