Do you enjoy a cold glass of water?

Answer Yes, especially if i wake up in the night and to wake me up first thing on Wednesday mornings when I'm on earlies. A glass of cold water is better at waking you up than a cup of coffee.

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How to Swim in Very Cold Water and Enjoy It?

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You take a 50 g glass coffee mug from the dishwasher following the dry cycle You use a dishcloth because the temperature of the mug is 90 C You fill the mug with 250 g of cold water from the refri?

What is your favorite way to enjoy a glass of wine?

Good wine, good food, good company and good conversation. Maybe soft lighting and a scented candle on the table to enhance the aroma of the wine and food! Are you guys busy? Stop by and we'll talk ... Read More »

How to Enjoy a Cold Night With Your Teddies?

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