Do you enjoy Myspace or Facebook?

Answer MYSPACE, all the way.FaceBook is goood,but I just prefer myspace.

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Facebook or myspace!?

Facebook.The problem with MySpace is mostly in design. The first problem is that people can skin their MySpace page to look however they'd like (within certain limits) and most people pick the wor... Read More »

Myspace or Facebook....?

I have both.I like myspace a little bit better because i can design my own page and make it unique in a way. Facebook can get a little boring, but alot more people use it now. But eh, something abo... Read More »

Is facebook the new myspace?

No. Facebook is for normal people whereas myspace is for kids or attention whores.

Facebook or Myspace ?

Facebook, you can interact with your friends better and you really don't have to worry about spam accounts from them. Unlike a certain other site.