Do you enjoy Myspace or Facebook?

Answer MYSPACE, all the way.FaceBook is goood,but I just prefer myspace.

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What do you enjoy most, YA, Facebook, or Youtube?

I love Yahoo Answers, and I really enjoy Facebook because it keeps me in touch more with family and nieces and nephews and such. I also listen to music and other informational videos on YouTube.Tha... Read More »

Which is better, MySpace or Facebook?

I used to love MySpace, and hate Facebook... but now it's the exact opposite. Facebook is so much easier and more fun to be on, and MySpace has gotten so old. Barely any of my friends go on religio... Read More »

Which is better: Facebook or MySpace?

Facebook. It's so organized, and you can really express your creativity and yourself.

Facebook or Myspace........?

facebook.myspace is for the older people, and those who have bad grades in school lolz