Do you eat the gristle on your steak or cut it off and leave it on the side?

Answer I eat it - I like the chewiness and texture. I also eat the cartilage off chicken drumsticks.

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Are you barbequing a steak any time soon How do you like your steak?

As a matter of fact, I am barbequing rib-eyes tomorrow night. I like mine medium to medium rare. Would you like me to make you one, Sharon?

How long do you leave a thick steak on the grill for medium rare?

Leave a thick steak on the grill for three to four minutes on each side to cook at medium rare. A thermometer inserted into the steak should read between 130 and 145 degrees F. Cut into the steak w... Read More »

The Best Side Items for Steak?

Those who enjoy a good steak know it is even better when accompanied by full-flavored, tasty side dishes. The rich, hearty flavor of steak goes great with a wide variety of vegetables, potatoes and... Read More »

You want to leave your parents house to live with a non blood relative how would you go about doing this if only one side agrees to allow it?

A legally adopted child is considered the parent's child just as much as if they had given birth to that child. So being adopted does not affect the rights or the heirship of the deceased parent's ... Read More »