Do you eat the fondant from cakes?

Answer You can eat fondant from cakes, but due to the consistency and ingredients, it does not taste good. The paste is made from sugar and is used for decorating cakes. It is also used by some in the cen... Read More »

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Why do cake shows like cake boss claim they make cakes when they use 50% fondant?

If you think Cake Boss uses a lot of fondant, try watching Ace of Cakes with Duff Goldman on the Food Network sometime. I don't really know why they use so much fondant, but my opinion is well, jus... Read More »

How to Make Queen Cakes or Fairy Cakes?

Ever wanted to know how to make lovely buns that are BETTER than shop-bought ones? Follow this easy recipe to find out how! (Makes 12) For those in the USA, a fairy cake is the same thing as a cupc... Read More »

How to Put Fondant Flowers on Top of Fondant?

Fondant is a type of cake icing that is malleable and as such, used to both cover cakes in smooth sheets and make decorations like flowers, leaves or figures. Fondant is reasonably easy to work wit... Read More »

What is fondant used for?

Fondant is a confection coating for pastries, cakes and cookies. It is also used for candy centers. Fondant exists in three forms: liquid, sculpted and a dough-like thicker version. The dough-like ... Read More »