Do you eat only the ugly animals, or the cute ones too like bunnys and lamb?

Answer I eat em all deer, rabit, lamb, goat, squrrel, and hunt, kill, and clean just bout all of em to. (Except the lamb and goat and domesticated animals like such).

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Is it true that the only asian girls that date/marry white american guys are the ugly ones ?

Obviously not every single one is ugly but there's some truth to this generalisation.First, whites are poor judges of Asian beauty. They often think the ugly ones are pretty based on their notion o... Read More »

My wife wants me to include more vegetables in my diet but the only ones I like & macaroni and french fries?

Ketchup (or catsup) for your fries. If the US government says that ketchup qualifies as a serving of vegetables for our school children that should be good enough for Mrs. B.

What are some good ipod cases like otterboxes that have cute animals on them(penguins)?

Check here:…

I am a vegitarian and people laugh at me only because I like to help animals not kill them, what should I do?

Join the club. That comes along with being veggie. Sorry. I know it can be tough. When they make fun of you think of how much you are helping the animals. Think of the animals. Whatever you d... Read More »