Do you eat only the ugly animals, or the cute ones too like bunnys and lamb?

Answer I eat em all deer, rabit, lamb, goat, squrrel, and hunt, kill, and clean just bout all of em to. (Except the lamb and goat and domesticated animals like such).

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Am i ugly or cute!!!!!!!!!!?

Young lady, you need to have confidence in yourself. You're gorgeous. Your eyes are one of a kind. Don't ever think you're ugly. Society may be prejudice against a lot of people, like me who is fat... Read More »

Is this cute or an ugly hairstyle?

Is this purse cute or ugly?

That is a way cute purse. Get it and have fun! :)

Is this an ugly or cute outfit?

its cute!except the top is kinda plain, but i guess the shorts make up for it.. the accessories will definately help, but dont go overboard. but yes, its definately NOT ugly