Do you eat much gluten free food?

Answer I must confess my ignorance, I have no idea what that is.

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Why does the blue buffalo dog food say'gluten free'when it was on the recall list for gluten?

The Blue Buffalo Company sells a variety of dog food and treats, which are all labeled as gluten free. A few products were on the gluten recall list; however, Blue Buffalo maintains that the inclus... Read More »

Is all gluten free food low gi?

Gluten free foods can contain sugar so they would not be the best choice for this diet. You can eat meat, fish, chicken and all the vegetables you want. Eggs are fine for breakfast. You must lim... Read More »

Why do some people eat gluten free food?

If you are NOT allergic to it, intolerant to it, don't have Celiac Disease, and don't have an auto-immune disorder or other disease that may be helped by this diet, then there's no health benefits ... Read More »

My friend is gluten free. She is going to my birthday party. What should I have for food?

You can go to your local health food stores and check out their "gluten free" pre-made stuff. You can find breads, cookies, cakes, that are gluten free. But that can get pricy. If you want glute... Read More »