Do you drink your tap water where you live How good is it?

Answer Not often.I live in a hard-water area,and it has an aftertaste that I don't like.@Lisa T - You think our tap water is nice!?

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Does a water softener enable you to drink your tap water?

Water softeners remove dissolved minerals from hard water. These minerals typically are not hazardous to health. In fact, most minerals in hard water are needed by the human body. Softened water... Read More »

Is the Ice Sparkling Water drink good for you?

If you are trying to avoid food coloring stay away, the rest is probably made from beaver glands and water.

WHERE CAN I BUY THE NUTELLA SNACK AND DRINK ONE!!! It looks soooo good where can I get it in auz?

I've only ever seen it in Italy :( but I live in the uk so not that helpful. Good luck in your searches!!

Is Lipton PureLeaf Iced Tea good to drink on a water fast?

Try a little lemon or lime juice in the water instead.