Do you drink your pop at room temperature ?

Answer Yes, it has been studied, that you shouldn't drink cold drinks with your meal, it causes the fats that are in the food to solidify in your intestinal track. It can also cause difficulty with your t... Read More »

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How would you drink Hennessy Refrigerated or at room temperature?

Refrigeration reduces the aroma and the taste. Only refrigerate the cheap stuff, like three-star. If you have a VSOP or better, you want the snifter warm, so you can appreciate the taste and aroma ... Read More »

Is it safe to drink room temperature water?

According to a Iowa State Extension "Bottled Water" document, water stored at room temperature can harbor bacteria or pathogens. While fresh water at room temperature generally is safe, water left ... Read More »

When bubbles form in water bottles at room temperature is it safe to drink or store in fridge?

It is safe to drink as long as it is not expired. You may check the expiration date on the top of the water bottle. if you can't see it, rub your thumb near the top until you can feel a scratchy sp... Read More »

What is healthier to drink Room temperature water or cold water.?

It's still water either way...why would temperature make a difference? Most people prefer cold water because it's more refreshing.Add some fresh berries and Voila! you have (somewhat) flavored w... Read More »