Do you drink until you pass out?

Answer i know my limits and always respect those limits

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How much alchol would you have to drink to pass out?

According to the average BAC statistics for a "typical" 150 pound male, it would take a BAC of 0.30 or 12 standard drinks* per hour. This is the person tends to black out, or loses consciousness. A... Read More »

What should I drink to pass a drug test soon?

You cant make it get out any faster proven. It goes by how fast your metabolism is. Only thing you can do is the day of the drug test drink lots of water. Water wont wash it out like people think. ... Read More »

If i have 126 hours since my last drink will i pass an etg test?

You pass the three day rule. Start drinking cranberry juice like a horse just in case.

Is there anything i can drink or take to help pass kidney stones?

1. Drink plenty of water, at least more than 8 glass a day. Not any type of water but DISTILLED water.2. Unsweetened Cranberry juice. It is available in in tea form and capsules also. But some expe... Read More »