Do you drink until you pass out?

Answer i know my limits and always respect those limits

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How did not having a drink until 9:00 AM become widely accepted?

I feel sorry for people who don't drink. Because when they get up that's the best they are gonna feel all day.

Did you wait until you were at a "legal" to drink alcohol?

Naw...teenagers are teenagers! Have to 'experiment' with illegal things.....1....if, under the influence of DO NOT DRIVE...I only wish I had photos of these crash victims...dead. To ... Read More »

Tonight is my night off. Should I drink until I puke?

As long as you are at home and don't plan on driving anywhere. Be safe, have fun, and happy drinking. :)

How much alchol would you have to drink to pass out?

According to the average BAC statistics for a "typical" 150 pound male, it would take a BAC of 0.30 or 12 standard drinks* per hour. This is the person tends to black out, or loses consciousness. A... Read More »