Do you drink out of the milk container instead of putting into a glass?

Answer Always drink out of glass cause container grosses others out

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Does milk taste better out of a glass container?

On One Hand: Milk in Glass Has a Purer TasteSome people think milk that comes in a glass container not only looks better than that from a plastic jug but also that it has a better taste, because a ... Read More »

Is It Safe To Drink From Milk Glass?

Yes, just boil them to rid them of germs frm the shop :)

I had a cup of milk in a glass covered with a paper towel on top for 24 hours, is it okay to drink?

As long as it wasn't in contact with anything (in particular meat/poultry/seafood), it should be okay.

I usually keep a glass of milk in my frig ready to drink. lately i've noticed an ammonia smell from it?

It might be time to change the glass of milk.