Do you drink more diet pops than regular pops?

Answer Regular Pops

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My jaw pops whenever i eat?

You have a TMJ disorder and the sound is due to a part of the jaw joint called the articular disk becoming forced out of joint when your teeth come together and then popping back into joint when yo... Read More »

Should people drink Diet or regular soda?

Isn't that up to the person's preference or mood?Also, diet soda often contain Aspartame which can lead to brain tumors. Regular isn't all that good for you either, but people drink them anyways.

What does it mean when your back pops?

On One Hand: Gases EscapingThe popping sound heard when you twist your back or have a chiropractic adjustment may come from gases in the joint. Air bubbles can surround the joint in the synovial fl... Read More »

If a baby's leg pops out...?