~~ Do you drink milk outta the carton when no one's lookin' ?

Answer Yup I do, And even if anyone is looking. That's me and that's what I do. Take me as I'm or leave me.

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If there's hard lumps in a carton of milk is it still safe to drink it?

Drinking curdled milk is not safe in that drinking it will most likely result in a very upset stomach. Curdled milk has spoiled....either by getting too warm or by being outdated. It is FULL of bac... Read More »

Do you drink straight from the milk jug, pop 2-liter, juice carton/jug, etc in your refrigerator?

yeah i do when im finishing off the carton......My dad used to too....Guess i just inherited

How to Open a Milk Carton?

Americans traveling abroad may never have seen a boxed milk carton. Here are instructions on how to open a milk carton.

How to Make a Bus Out of a Milk Carton?

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