~~ Do you drink milk outta the carton when no one's lookin' ?

Answer Yup I do, And even if anyone is looking. That's me and that's what I do. Take me as I'm or leave me.

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If there's hard lumps in a carton of milk is it still safe to drink it?

Drinking curdled milk is not safe in that drinking it will most likely result in a very upset stomach. Curdled milk has spoiled....either by getting too warm or by being outdated. It is FULL of bac... Read More »

Do you drink straight from the milk jug, pop 2-liter, juice carton/jug, etc in your refrigerator?

yeah i do when im finishing off the carton......My dad used to too....Guess i just inherited

I froze a carton of milk to save it, and when I defrosted it it was like water.?

We freeze any unused milk whenever we go on holiday so that we always have some in stock when we return. We have never had a problem with it going bad although we do shake it well before we use it ... Read More »

How to Pop a Milk Carton in School?