Do you drink Coffee on weekends or only on work days ?

Answer I would say, I am a coffee addict. I drink everyday,mostly two cups in a day....morning and evening. Sometimes even more when I have meetings. I guess, there is nothing wrong in drinking coffee, I ... Read More »

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Why am i only happy when i drink coffee?

Caffiene is a upper. .seems to affect you strongly...might want to give it up for 2 weeks see what happens

Tea or coffee, if you could only drink one for the rest of your life?

Tea, for sure, but sometimes I would miss coffee, that smell!

If i drink only water for 7 days will i lose weight?

Read this excerpt from the book "Dieting for Dummies" by Jane Kirby: "Don't cut your calorie level drastically when trying to lose weight; this strategy will backfire. Your body is programmed to de... Read More »

34 weeks pregnant and can not eat food but can only drink oval tine or chocolate drink in the morning only?