How-to deliver the refrigerator?

Answer We just did this. Do not lay it down. We used our pickup, and put up against the cab with the door side out, padding the back. The used tie down straps to keep it tight for the trip home. We took o... Read More »

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How to Deliver a Foal?

A bay foalThe birth of a baby foal is always exciting, no matter if you've waited for days on end for your mare to finally foal. If the mare is healthy and she foals in a clean place, there will be... Read More »

How to Deliver a Pizza?

You can make decent money delivering pizzas if you know what you are doing. Most people do their own thing while delivering pizzas, but there are a few guidelines that should be followed.

How do you deliver a baby?

If you are not trained and the baby is coming so quickly there is no time to get help you will not need to deliver it, it will deliver itself.Just keep the mother calm and in control and when you c... Read More »

How to Deliver a Baby?

Whether you're an expectant father or an unsuspecting cabbie, the time may come when you are called upon to help deliver a baby with no medical professional or midwife in sight. Don't worry. People... Read More »