Do you crash if you drink Red Bull for the first time?

Answer No

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First time I feel hyper from drinking a red bull, why is this!!!!?

These drinks are rather serious in what they contain, (seriously), do some research.You will be fine though, just continue drinking water, flush it out, and try to get some sleep.

Is vodka and red-bull a "mans" drink or a womens drink.. I was just wondering... lol...?

How much alcohol should I drink my first time?

First time, I'd say 4 drinks should be your limit -- you don't have much weight or tolerance. A drink would be a regular strength beer, or a shot (45mL) of 80 proof liquor. I would not reccomend ... Read More »

So i drink red bull?

We should file a class action law suit because I don't know about you but i want my freakin wings. Its ridiculous