Do you consider this fat?

Answer no, your fine, just like me actually, only im 15...hahaif your fat then im fat...and im pretty sure im not fat...hahadont worry so much :]

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Do you consider this a miracle or not?

I have several friends that were raped as children... One was raped really young, and another was raped and molested in crude and grotesque ways that she wouldn't even describe to me. Both have had... Read More »

Would you consider this to be fat?

hi! well first don't obsess over it, it'll make things WAY harder and mess with your point of view on things (if that makes sense) also the main thing to do is eat healthy e.g absolutely no junk fo... Read More »

Is this consider a good Cholesterol or not?

Harvard Medical School has confirmed that the best way of predicting coronary artery disease is by dividing your HDL into your total Triglycerides. TG/HDLIt is best if they under 2. One is optima... Read More »

Would you consider this to be a bowl cut (pic)?

Oh my gosh, not even close! I have no idea why your friend would think that your hair is a bowl-cut. A bowl-cut is usally considered when it looks like a person stcuk a bowl in their head and cut... Read More »