Do you consider fish meat?

Answer Why Fish is Meat:Well, if fish isn't meat, then exactly what is it? Is it a PLANT? Because it doesn't seem to be a plant to me. And it isn't a kind of fungus, or mushroom, or lichen, or bacteria, o... Read More »

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Need clarification. Why do some people consider seafood (like fish) not meat?

LIke a lot of things, it had its basis in religion. In Judaism and Catholicism (which grew out of Judaism) there seems to be a distinction made between the flesh of land animals (mammals, mostly) a... Read More »

Meat eaters - would you ever consider a VEGAN Thanksgiving?

Most certainly. I could always eat the other traditional foods some other time. I would ask to refrain from the tofurkey or other fake meats, though, and just serve real foods like legumes, grain... Read More »

Will future generations consider eating animal meat barbaric?

Many already do. Truly it doesn't seem right to kill an animal so one can eat. So many animals are vegetarians and have no problems sustaining. You asked a question earlier about cutting out mea... Read More »

SUSHI IS GROSS!! My Friend Sells Fresh FISH, you can SEE worms in fresh fish meat.?

I hate to admit it because I love Sushi but its true!... There is a slight risk of contracting a parasitic infection when consuming sushi, but there are many other unspoken risks as well. Primarily... Read More »