Do you consider Wikipedia as a legitimate source of infromation?

Answer It is a good place to start any research and pick up the basics on a topic, but don't depend on it for your whole project/research. I found it completely accurate on topics I knew something about. ... Read More »

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If the man you are marrying lives out of state would the courts consider that a legitimate reason to move your kids when you have primary physical custody?

Answer It all depends in what state you live in, but if the father wants to fight it he very well can and quite possibly win. Answer Even if Dad doesn't win, it's possible the court might order you... Read More »

Would you consider wikipedia...?

Well the thing about Wiki is that I would advise finding ANOTHER source as well, and honestly you should always look for two sources. The thing is if I was writing a report it would most likely be ... Read More »

Is wikipedia a bad source?

i use it all the time and it is just peoples views from what they may have read elsewhere so i always back it up by looking for the information on other websites too, because in some research ive d... Read More »

What do you consider to be the most helpful contributions made to Wikipedia?

The contributions made by Wikipedia are easy access to information and specially international and regional historical data very much available. But, please be careful, not everything that you rea... Read More »