Do you clean up as you cook or wait until your done to do everything?

Answer I try to clean as I go (like my mother taught me!) but it never really works out. I still find myself cleaning forever afterwards. I definitely pick up while I go and I think I'm cleaning too, bu... Read More »

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How to Wait Until You Turn 18 to Leave Your House?

It's hard to have a stressful home life. It might be a dad who turns everything into an argument, or a mom who's abusive. For some people, they have nobody to make it easier. Read on to find out ho... Read More »

How long do you have to wait until you can drive with your learner's permit?

Many states allow a person to drive at the minimum age of 15 with a learner's permit. However, that person generally must be accompanied by a fully licensed driver.Source:American Driving School

If you just had a post and core done how long can you actually wait before having the crown done?

Answer It's usually called a root canal and the post is to strengthen the tooth. The posts are usually used on eye teeth if the person has to wear partials. Once you have the root canal done (or... Read More »

If one of your wisdom teeth just started growing out do you have to wait until it is fully out to get it removed?

Your Dentist can extract it either way. No you don't have to wait The dentist can extract a tooth even if it's not completely erupted.Sometimes wisdom teeth do not erupt completely from lack of spa... Read More »