Do you chill rose wine?

Answer On One Hand: Traditional Serving RecommendationRosé wines---also called blush or pink wines---are traditionally served chilled. The properties of rosé wines are very similar to those of white win... Read More »

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How to Chill Wine?

The temperature at which a wine is served has a significant impact on the wine's flavor, structure, and aroma. The body and style of a wine dictate its ideal temperature, with many wines - particul... Read More »

Do i need to chill cabernet wine?

Cabernet Sauvignon, commonly shortened as cabernet, does not need to be chilled. Like many robust red wines, cabernet is best stored and served at slightly below room temperature; low 60s degree Fa... Read More »

Do I chill pinot noir wine?

Although conventional wisdom dictates red wines be served at room temperature, slight chilling enhances the flavors of red wines, particularly light-bodied reds such as pinot noir. Master Sommelier... Read More »

What is your favorite wine to drink to chill your sorrows?

Well I drink Blackberry Merlot, but not to drown my sorrows. You see, I'm a Dodger fan so there will be no need to be sorrowful. However, there will be plenty of celebration this year as Dodger Blu... Read More »