How much should I charge for laundry service?

Answer It will depend on your location. Most laundry services charge by the pound (not recommended by professionals) or by the item. For example, towels usually range from 25 cents each for basic wash tow... Read More »

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Who is in charge of the secret service?

Do you have a copay if there is no charge for service?

Answer I don't see how. Please reframe the question.

How much does A T& T charge for call waiting service?

It varies because you can usually get it bundled with other services, but stand-alone is about $4 a month for residential service. In residential, they bundle Caller ID, "unlimited local calling" ... Read More »

How much should you charge for an office cleaning service?

On One Hand: Charging a Flat advises charging a flat fee for office cleaning to avoid disagreements over the time spent on a job. This also gives you a "premium" feel that hourl... Read More »