Do you caulk between the crown molding&the ceiling?

Answer It is not required to caulk between crown molding and the ceiling. However, especially in older homes where there is space between the ceiling and molding from the house settling, you can apply a ... Read More »

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What type of material do you use to fill between the crown molding and the ceiling where it isn't flush?

Answer What my brother and I did in his house. (He had a older house where nothing was actually square.) We taped off the molding with that blue painters tape and then used some drywall mud to help... Read More »

How do I remove silicone caulk from crown moulding?

Use a Utility KnifeUse a utility knife to slice through both sides of the bead, and remove as much as possible with your hands.Remove Caulk MouldingRemove the remaining caulk from the crown mouldin... Read More »

How to Cut Crown Moulding for a Ceiling?

Crown moldings are architectural devices used to accentuate the borders on ceilings. Unlike regular wooden trims that are flush against the wall, crown moldings are fixed into the ceiling at an ang... Read More »

How to Cut Crown Molding for a Vault Ceiling?

Crown molding adds beauty to any room. However, many people shy away from installing crown molding because of the compound miter cuts required for installation. Putting crown molding on a vaulted c... Read More »