Do you caulk before or after you paint?

Answer On One Hand: Before PaintingAccording to, it is important that caulk has completely set before applying paint to the surface. House Painting Info also states that exterior caulking ... Read More »

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Should I paint my interior walls before moving in, or after?

Before. That way you wont have to be moving things around and covering things when you paint.

Can I paint the caulk around my tub?

On One Hand: It's Not a Good IdeaMany carpenters agree that painting caulk around a bathtub is not a good idea, reports Since most water-resistant caulk that is used for bathroom re... Read More »

How do I paint over silicone caulk?

Clean the CaulkClean the silicone caulk using wet rags. Allow the surface to dry out completely before you begin the application process.Prepare the AreaApply blue painter's tape to areas adjacent ... Read More »

How Long Should Silicone Caulk Cure Before Showering?

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