Do you call them chips or fries?

Answer Chips!

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Chips (French Fries)...what do you have on them?

sober- peas and gravy,red saucedrunk - Mayo and sweetcorn relish

Poll: Hamburger and french fries or fish and chips?

Fish and Chips although the americans outnumber us and love being on our board for some reason.So Fish and Chips Wins!

Can you eat sandwiches,hotdogs,chili cheese fries, chips 7days after wisdom teeth extractions?

You should be able to eat that lot by them unless you have had trouble with your gums, or if they are still tenderDune

Burger with Fries Veggie Burger with Fries Chicken with Fries Or Fish & Fries Which from this list do->?

Fried fish with fries...and coleslaw! yummy!Goodnight Scooter!! ^_^ *hugs*