Do you call it "pop", "soda", or something else?

Answer I'm in Chicago, and we in the MidWest call it "pop".Soda sounds gay....Hi, do you have any soda? Can I get a Crush soda?Can I get a pop? Can I get a fruit punch pop? It really sounds bad when thu... Read More »

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POLL: do you call "soda pop", 'soda' or 'pop'?

you forgot coke. in some parts of the country people call any soda 'coke'. this perplexed me. what if they want a sprite? i asked someone that was from a place like this. they said they order a 'le... Read More »

Do you call it Soda or Pop?

Does anyone else call soda, Pop?

Yep, I myself do, as do friends, gran'bairns, nephews and nieces and their friends do as well. I'm from, N.E. England UK. (wooly back land, as It's often referred to) and in my lifetime and my Gra... Read More »

What do you all call a soda?

Australia : Soft Drink…BrazilSoft drinks are called refrigerante, literally meaning "cooler"; can be colloquially abbreviated as refri. Although there is t... Read More »