Do you call it "pop" or "soda" and where do you live?

Answer on Guam we call it soda. When i go visit my relatives in korea they call pepsi "cola" and coke "cola".here on Guam becareful if your picky with your coke and your pepsi. If you order a drink and y... Read More »

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"Pop", "Soda Pop", or just plain "Soda"(where do you live)?

I'm from Australia and we call it soft drink or fizzy drink. Noone calls it soda unless we are referring to actual soda water (which we use to mix with alcohol)..

Do you call it "POP", "SODA", or "COKE" and where are you from?

Good question, I have always been amazed how different areas call it different names. In Omaha, it's a pop, in St. Louis everything is a coke, even if you want a Dr. Pepper, you say lets go get a c... Read More »

What do you call it soda, pop, soft drink, or something else include what state you live in (or country)?

I used to call it "sweet drink" (Guyana, South America)Then I called it "soda" (NJ, USA)Now I call it "pop" (Ontario, Canada)

POLL: do you call "soda pop", 'soda' or 'pop'?

you forgot coke. in some parts of the country people call any soda 'coke'. this perplexed me. what if they want a sprite? i asked someone that was from a place like this. they said they order a 'le... Read More »