Do you buy presents for a christening?

Answer People attending a christening, also called a baptism, may bring gifts for the baby but are not required to do so. Traditional gifts include trinkets such as silver spoons and cups; more practical ... Read More »

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Do you bring presents to a christening?

It is important to check with the family that is christening their son or daughter for specific church customs and traditions of presents or other offerings. Some families might not wish gifts of a... Read More »

Poems to ask for money instead of presents for a christening/ naming day?

Do you like this out fit for a christening ?

What Happens at a Hindu Christening?

The namkaran is the Hindu practice of naming a baby. The word "nama" means name and "karana" means to make or effect. The ceremony usually takes place on the twelfth day after a baby's birth, but c... Read More »