Do you buy iced beverages in winter?

Answer drink most things iced except for chai tea. I drink ice water, iced Cherry Coke, iced Peach soda, iced Root Beer and I even drink iced frozen smoothies all year long. I might not drink them outside... Read More »

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Poll: iced tea or iced coffee?

Why Styrofoam Keeps Beverages Cold?

Styrofoam or polystyrene keeps beverages cold because it is a good insulator, according to It helps maintain the temperature of the substance it holds, hot or cold. Insulators do... Read More »

How many caffinated beverages should we drink a day?

average about 1 per day, but I''m inconsistant. None on the weekends, and anywhere between none and 5 on a work day. I enjoy it, but don''t miss it if its not there.

Do alcoholic beverages ever...expire?

Every type of alcohol has different components.Let's say this alcohol is from about 6 months ago. A lot has to do with how it's been stored. Beer will skunk if exposed to sunlight or hot temperatur... Read More »