Do you buy DVD, HD DVD or Blu-Ray discs?

Answer HD (HDDVD or BluRay) is definitely an improvement over standard DVD. You need a Hi Def TV to see it though - and the larger the TV the more you see the difference (beginning around 32"). So a 1080p... Read More »

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What is the difference between the battlestar galactica complete series limited edition of 25 discs and the DVD box set of seasons 1-4 with 33 discs?

I'm buying a 3d blu ray player, so can I use normal blu ray discs or can I only use 3d lblu ray discs?

Read the manual. It should ALWAYS play DVD's, standard BluRays (from the same country code) as well as 3D. Many will also play MP3 files from a computer burned CD.Who told you it would not play DV... Read More »

RESTORE DISCS For eMACHINES. I bought an e-Machines model e420 about 4.5 years ago and lost my restore discs.?

hi charlie as allready mentioned you cannot download restore disks as they are in essence windows xp disks however since each restore disk(also known as recovery disks) is uniquely manu... Read More »

Can i fix my blu-ray discs?

If the disk is scratched its probably best to leave it to a professional...; DVD's could often be fixed by armatures using buffing techniques; but blu ray disks have a much thinner substrate and th... Read More »