Do you bury people with braces on?

Answer no they would take them off. i mean the take out your organs but leave on your braces?!

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Do they bury people with their braces on ?

I'm trying to remember the title of a horror movie that came out in the last 10 years. It is about creatures that drag people underground or bury them in holes alive.. and I think they eat the people?

When people die,would'nt it be cheaper to bury them in a carboard coffin?

you can get enviromentally friendly ones. i know someone who was buried in one and believe it or not they are a lot stronger than you think

Are braces cool people are jerks and say no some people yes i think yes if u believe in the whole in high school people will make fun of me thing then try to get them as early as possible?

Braces are definitely cool once they're off! And since plenty of people in high school have them, all it takes is some self-confidence and people will see them as cool too. You can't get them 'as e... Read More »