Do you brush your teeth in the shower?

Answer Yes I do....I brush my teeth in the shower while I'm waiting for my conditioner to do it's magic on my it goes, shampoo, wash out shampoo, put conditioner in hair, brush teeth, wash out... Read More »

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How to Brush Your Teeth in the Shower?

Have you ever wanted to cut down on the time it takes to prepare oneself in the morning? Perhaps one has overslept, are late for work or school, or a just in a rush. The steps provided in this arti... Read More »

How to Brush Teeth in the Shower?

Condensing your hygiene routine by brushing your teeth in the shower is a great way to save on time and water. Brushing your teeth in the shower is actually easier than brushing in the sink as you ... Read More »

When you brush your teeth do you also brush your tongue as well?

Yes!Brushing the tongue is an important part of oral hygeine. Brushing, flossing and even tongue 'brushing' are all a part of preventative measures we should take as part of the routine.Colgate ha... Read More »

What happens if you brush your teeth 4 more then 2 minutes each time you brush?

Every now and then is fine depending on how many times a day you brush & the amount of time you brush for, but if you brush excessivly it can actually wear down your enamel. Once your enamel is gon... Read More »