Do you breathe normally when you are unconscious?

Answer Yes, you breathe and your heart beats or else you would be dead, not unconscious.Unconscious means your brain has turned off to the outside world, but your vital organs continue to work,

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Do full face scuba masks allow you to breathe normally?

Full-face scuba masks serve the purpose of keeping your nose free from water and your vision clear, and don't actually relate to underwater breathing. A dive regulator, however, lets you breathe no... Read More »

Can food get stuck in your wind pipe and still allow you to breathe normally?

if food is in your windpipe to lungs you would be coughing like crazywhat you feed is food stuck in esophogus. drink some water to wash it down.

Do you become unconscious for a spit second when you sneeze?

Normally, no -- you don't. Extremely strong sneezes, or personal physiology can -- very rarely -- cause vasovagal syncope (this appears to occur when the pressure on the carotid sinus -- the networ... Read More »

What is the primary goal when providing first aid to an unconscious?

The goal is to ensure that the victim is in a safe area, has no major head injuries or in fact any other injury, and breathing is stable.