Do you blink while you sleep?

Answer no

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Why do we roll our eyes back when blink or sleep?

i think its so that our eyes can get cleaned...when we are awake there are so many bacterias and stuff that get on our eyes and it makes them dirty...its kinda like blinkin, but for numerous hours.... Read More »

What happens to the body while we sleep, why is sleep essential, what is the least amount you can survive on?

While you sleep your autonomic nervous system kicks in, and yes your body repairs itself, also your brain starts into memory cycling and filing. As far as the sleep question your body requires what... Read More »

How to Sleep While Pregnant?

Sleeping while pregnant can be awkward as your stomach grows and creates less space for comfortable positions - and your spouse! Here are some suggestions.

How to Sleep While Sitting Up?

Have you ever been tired in a place without a bed or where it would be inappropriate to lay your head down but desperately wanted to sleep? Well, with these easy steps you can squeeze in sleep anyt... Read More »