Do you believe witchcraft can affect your life?

Answer No my trust in God is absolute.

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Do you believe that people on here can change your life?

Sometimes. Like not any one person specifiaclly influences my whole life very much, but hearing about other peoples opinions, and things like their beliefs and political views, it makes me think of... Read More »

How to Write an Essay Explaining How Your Surroundings Can Affect Your Life?

Although all individuals are not necessarily destined to maintain the same station in life, many would argue that surroundings play a large part in determining how your life evolves. If you feel th... Read More »

How does teen pregnancies affect your life?

It affects ur life a lot becasue you have to change your schedule to make room for theres

How does teenage pregnancy can affect your life?

It can affect a teenagers life in many ways:The teenager will miss schoolThey will put on considerable amounts of weight (this happens to every woman when she becomes pregnant)The baby may make the... Read More »