Do you believe that most infertile couples are adopting babies for the babies sake?

Answer I believe most parents who want to parent want to do the best they can to be good parents. Not sure it has much to do with the process of actually adopting...considering that once a baby is adopted... Read More »

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If two twin couples have babies do the babies come out identical?

Yes exactly and they also come out as twins.. no matter what. So basically you get quads but you have to be careful they do not get physically attracted to their cousin assuming they are of opposit... Read More »

Where is all the interest in adopting bi-racial babies?

Reezo- As a fellow christian and a person who lives in country made up of many cultures and belief I find that idea of inter-racial relationships being sinful really stupid and ignorant. GOD made A... Read More »

Same blood group couples have disabled babies?

This is no problem at all. There are four major blood groups and two Rh factors in human beings. The major blood groups are A,B, AB and O, RH factors positive and negative. That is A,B, AB, O, rh f... Read More »

How many married couples use surrogate mothers to have babies in the USA each year?

It is so hard to get an accurate number because so many arrangements are kept private and are not reported to OBs and/or hospitals. Last year there were several thousand surrogate deliveries in the... Read More »