Do you believe severe stress can cause a miscarriage?

Answer 2 problems with trying to directly link stress with miscarriage. Firstly it is almost impossible to measure or quantify stress. Secondly to establish if stress is linked to miscarriage, one would n... Read More »

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Can stress cause headaches and severe nausea?

Can humprhey 11 cause a miscarriage?

i've never heard of humprhey 11-- you could call your dr or the pharmacy where you got it- they should be able to tell you Source(s): question about future pregnancies- please answer: http://answer... Read More »

Can muscle relaxers cause miscarriage?

Muscle relaxers have not been proven to cause miscarriage; most are rated FDA pregnancy category "C." This is because there is not enough information and research to conclude if they are safe. Whil... Read More »

Will the flu shot cause a miscarriage?

On One Hand: Vaccination RecommendedDoctors recommend that pregnant women get vaccinated against the flu. Getting sick can be harmful to both the mother and the baby. A fever can potentially cause ... Read More »