Do you believe one day animal husbandry will be seen as slavery is viewed today?

Answer I think it is possible for the human race to reach that moral stand a century or two from now. But as of now we are too elitist and specie-st as a whole. In order to view human slavery and non-hu... Read More »

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How to Write a One Page Essay Comparing & Contrasting the Argument of Pro-Slavery & Anti-Slavery?

Compare and contrast essays are expository essays instead of argumentative essays. Rather than try to convince readers of an argument you formulate based on your research, you simply show two diffe... Read More »

Do you believe in animal rights ?

every one in the creation has the why not for the animals? thanks.

Funniest Top Comment ive seen today?

Then this delightful list will let you live vicariously through the venom of ... 7 new unintentionally inappropriate test answers from young children. .... The worst status I have ever seen came fr... Read More »

For the people who don't believe that coercion exists today?

If this so called coercion does dumb does the woman have to be to not know what is happening to her? If she wanted her baby she would lay down her life for it plain and simple. If she... Read More »