Do you believe in skipping break fast to have good lunch ...........?

Answer No and Never.This eating programme on daily basis should be like this: light breakfast, light dinner before 9 am and 9 pm, Sumptuous lunch between 2 & 3 pm. No spicy foods like Masala poori, Gobi m... Read More »

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Does an Employer Have to Give You a Lunch Break?

Without a lunch break, you can become exhausted, uninspired and bored with your job. A meal period gives you time away from work so you can regain the strength needed to perform your duties at opti... Read More »

Is it possible to have an abortion on my lunch break and then go back to work the same day?

Actually I am back to work after having an abortion during the lunch hour. I'm very emotional and upset, as I parked in a no parking zone and got a $127 ticket. Like I wasn't already angry enough... Read More »

My hubby & teenager have to carry lunch daily. Give me nutritious, non messy ( in the lunch box ), tasty?

why dont u make fried rice? use yesterday's remaining rice and fry it with garlic, any meat of ur choice, mixed vegetables and eggs. if there is a microwave they can heat it up if not u can still e... Read More »

How to Nap on Your Lunch Break?

Do you get stressed at work? Do you get tired? Read this article about how you can have a quick nap on your lunch break!